Job listings

We contribute to a diverse set of games, and we're looking for people with diverse experience to help us! We're located in Seattle, WA.



    We're growing our team! If you want to work with future hardware, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, submit yourself as a candidate.

    • Do a Good Job — Be responsible for the work for which you were hired
    • Collaborate — Work well in a genuinely collaborative team environment
    • Learn Quickly — Adapt to diverse technologies and development processes
    • Self-direct — Stay focused, work autonomously, and pay attention to details
    • Communicate — Proactively call out issues and opportunities
    • Be Accountable — Show integrity, protect confidentiality, and deliver
    • Know State-of-the-Art — Understand the constantly changing industry

    associate Producer + Quality Assurance

    We are hiring for someone who can take the reigns on all the coordination and production work that goes into managing multiple projects with short schedules. But can also fill in the time by helping with the QA work that goes into releasing a game on consoles!

    [Producer Hat]

    • Increase the efficiency of product-focused, high-output game developers
    • Handle multiple projects, customers, and deliverables simultaneously, leveraging benefits across all projects
    • Know the pulse of each project and each team member on a day-to-day basis
    • Clearly summarize and present the status of each product and the product portfolio at key moments in the development cycle
    • Coordinate deliverables between external parties, including clients, external quality assurance, outsourcing personnel, and Platform Owners
    • Helping management develop team-management systems for a growing company
    • Bug triage
    • Helping our team with automating builds that we use for internal QA, external QA, client evaluations, and submissions
    • Manage builds and submission, and provide them to external QA and clients when needed
    • Demonstrate excellent verbal and written communication, multi-tasking, and scheduling skills
    • Demonstrate rapid learning capabilities for platform specific publishing and certification systems and processes

    [QA Hat]

    • Console certification testing and general quality assurance
    • Testing video game titles on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC
    • Following specific test cases required for certification testing
    • Reproducing and regression testing on specific platforms with comparative testing on other platforms
    • Writing concise, detailed bug reports
    • Assessing whether bugs are specific to a platform or global issues
    • Ongoing network play sessions with other team members

    Developer / Engineer

    We are hiring multiple people for both short term and long term engagements.

    Developers with Networking and/or Console certification experience are encouraged to apply!

    • Junior to Senior level candidates considered
    • C++ skills preferred
    • C# required (unless 6+ years experience with C++)
    • Unity and Unreal experiences are ideal
    • Experience using or integrating middleware or 3rd party libraries
    • Strong skills in reading documentation, searching forums, and debugging code written by others
    • Excellent problem solving skills. Dissecting bugs to pinpoint whether they are caused by user/game code, middleware, engine versions, or console specific SDKs
    • Excellent communication skills. Clear, concise explanations of problems to use in forum posts or emails to support teams
    • Specializations given extra consideration: console networking, console certification, rendering/graphics